Compact Infrared Camera

Compact Infrared Camera(CIRC)

 Compact Infrared Camera (CIRC) is an infrared sensor primarily intended for detecting forest fires, which present a serious problem for the various countries of Southeast Asia, particularly considering the effects of global warming and climate change. Lightweight, compact, and with low power consumption, CIRC can be mounted on multiple satellites to enable high-frequency observation. Installation of CIRCs on the ALOS-2 satellite to be launched in 2013 and on the JEM/CALET to be launced in 2014 is expected to increase observation frequency.
The ultimate goal of the CIRC project is to minimize the damage and impact caused by forest fires, as well as contributing to urban planning and our understanding of volcanic disasters.


We released CIRC observation data version 11.0, adopting a new Radiometric Calibration result. Data previously released as version 10.0 are to be reprocessed as version 11.0 in March.
Data access will be stopped from 2018-04-10 till 2018-04-15 for reprocess of all CALET/CIRC dataset.
This site will be closed from 2018-04-20 8:00 till 2018-04-23 2:00 (UTC) for electricity inspection.
CALET/CIRC has been released.
This data may have geolocation error for a few kilometers along track.
Data access will be stopped from 2017-10-26 till 2017-11-30 for reprocess of all ALOS-2/CIRC dataset.
Data access will be stopped from 2017-01-06 till 2017-01-27 for reprocess of all ALOS-2/CIRC dataset.
Data access will be stopped from 2016-05-20 till 2016-05-27 for reprocess of all ALOS-2/CIRC dataset.
Calibration validation results of the ALOS-2/CIRC (See details)
CIRC radiometric calibraion
CIRC web site will be out of service tempolary for annual electricity inspection.
(2015-04-24 09:00UTC - 2015-04-25 10:00UTC)
ALOS-2/CIRC data is open to public!(See details)
CIRC Data Archive
CIRC First Light!(See details)
CIRC first light
ALOS-2 is successfully launched!(From JAXA Digital Archives)
ALOS-2 separation